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The Research Centre of Forming Technology (FORTECH)

The aim of the centre is to test new ideas in materials and technology and gradual optimization and connection of processes which lead to attaining exceptional material properties or effective unconventional technologies.

FORTECH is incoporated with the FST at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen.


president centra

Prof. Dr. Ing. Bohuslav Mašek

Room: UK111

tel: +420 377 63 8050; fax:+420 377 63 8052;
e-mail: masekb@kmm.zcu.cz


Secretary: Drahomíra Procáková

Room: UK111

tel: +420 377 63 8050; fax: +420 377 63 8052;
Skype: DrahomiraP
e-mail: d.procakova@seznam.cz


Further information about the centre can be found here www.fortech.zcu.cz

Also take a look at Centre information