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FST Disciplinary Commission


  • The scope of authority of the Disciplinary Committee is determined by the Article 31 of the Act No 111/1998 Coll. on Higher Education Institutions and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Statutes, and is subject to the Disciplinary regulations for students, which is the faculty internal regulation. 
    Disciplinary Committee solves disciplinary offences of students enrolled for the faculty and submits the solution proposal to the Dean´s decision.

  • Disciplinary Committee members and chairman are appointed by the Dean from the academic community of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. A half of the members is formed by students.

  • The term of office of the disciplinary committee members is two years.


Disciplinary Committee members valid from 12/2014 to 11/2016:


  • doc. Ing. Jiří Staněk, CSc. Vice dean for Academic Afffairs



  • doc. Ing. Jana Kleinová, CSc.
  • Ing. Milan Pinte, Ph.D.


  • Ing. Michaela Ottová
  • Bc. Pavel Florian
  • Bc. Josef Babor