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Courses in academic year 2019/2020

Course unit code Course unit title Semester Language of instruction
KKE/ESV Solar and Wind Energy Summer Czech,English
KKE/MT2 Fluid Mechanics 2 Summer Czech,English
KKE/PTH Heat and Mass Transfer Summer Czech,English
KKE/PTT Gas Turbines and Turbocompressors Winter Czech,English
KKE/SPM Semester Project Winter Czech,English
KKE/TPS Turbomachine Theory Summer Czech,English
KKE/TSM Boosting combustion engine theory Winter Czech,English
KKS/CAE Computer-Aided Design Summer Czech,English
KKS/EXK Visits Summer Czech,English
KKS/MKSA Mechatronics in Machine Design Winter English
KKS/SPDM1 Semester Project Summer Czech,English
KKS/SPVS1 Semester Project Summer Czech,English
KKS/ZDMT Transport Vehicles & Handling Machinery Winter Czech,English
KKS/ZKM Theory and Meth. of Machine Design Eng. Winter/Summer Czech,English
KKS/ZSVS Fund. of Manufacturing Machine Design Winter Czech,English
KMM/EXK Visits Summer Czech,English
KMM/NM Materials Science Summer Czech,English
KMM/TTSS Metal Forming, Casting and Welding Winter Czech,English
KMM/UMCH Introduction to Materials Chemistry Winter Czech,English
KPV/DBC Database Systems in CIM Winter Czech,English
KPV/DPVR Digital Factory and Virtual Reality Winter Czech,English
KPV/MPI Industrial Engineering Methods Winter Czech,English
KPV/PEE Practical Ergonomics Summer Czech,English
KPV/PISA Enterprise Information Systems Summer English
KPV/PIZ Industrial engineering methods in health Summer Czech
KPV/PMA Management of Industrial Enterprises Winter Czech,English
KPV/PVT Computer Skills 1 Winter Czech,English
KPV/ŘOP Labour Organization and Management Summer Czech,English
KPV/SPM Semester Project Winter Czech,English
KPV/SPPA Strategic Management of Enterprises Winter English
KPV/SVS Simulacion of Manufac. Systems and Proc. Summer Czech,English
KTO/AVP Automation of Manufacturing Processes Summer Czech,English
KTO/DM Metrology Winter/Summer Czech,English
KTO/DP Thesis Tutorial Summer Czech,English
KTO/EXK Visits Summer Czech,English
KTO/MTC Advanced Technologies Winter Czech,English
KTO/NRJ Tools for Quality Control Winter/Summer Czech,English
KTO/PANC Automat. of NC Machine-Tool Programming Summer Czech,English
KTO/PNCSA NC-Machine Tool Programming Winter English
KTO/PNO Fixtures and Metal Cutting Tools Winter Czech,English
KTO/PRNC1 NC Programming Laboratory Summer Czech,English
KTO/PVP Production Process Planning Winter Czech,English
KTO/ŘJ Quality Control Winter Czech,English
KTO/SPM Semester Project M Winter Czech,English
KTO/USM Introduction to Engineering Metrology Winter Czech,English
KTS/SP1 Sports Training 1 Winter Czech
KTS/SP2 Sports Training 2 Summer Czech