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Why study Mechanical Engineering in Pilsen ?

Mechanical Engineering in Pilsen has a long tradition. In the past there was a very strong influence from the SKODA factory, one of the major industrial enterprises in the Czech Republic, whose main division is located in the industrial zone of the city. Nowadays, there are a lot of companies from different branches cooperating with the university. The study programmes are both theoretically and practically oriented. Graduates from the Faculty find very good and well paid jobs. 

Student life at university is not only about study, but also about entertainment. Pilsen is the fourth biggest city in the Czech Republic with a very long history and cultural traditions. There are a lot of galleries, theatres and other places for entertainment in the city. There are a lot of historical monuments in the city and in the surrounding area . There are also lots of places for those who love nature, hiking and biking, etc.


Video about the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (not completely up to date, but still OK)