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I want to study at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. What should I do?

You should submit your application.

What are the required attachments to the application?

Please see the section: Application

Can I get accommodation at a dormitory?

Yes, you can. You have to submit a request together with the application.

I have a Bc. degree from a non-technical school. Can I study in the master study programme at M.E.?

Yes, you can, but you have to take some more courses to meet "minimum knowledge requirements".
All students coming from other schools have to fulfil the minimum requirements. If not, they have to take some extra courses from the bachelor study programme.

Is there some special admission procedure (exam) at M.E.?

No. (Not for bachelor and master programmes)
Your application is evaluated according to previous study results and other activities, and the Dean decides about the acceptance.

Yes. (For doctoral programmes)
You have to pass two exams - English and professional knowledge.